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Fairwind Fanta-C Gypsy Ribbon
Fanta-C's Special Edition x Hennings Mill Cash Kissin Cuz In
Whelped February 2, 2009
Breeder: Christie Waite    Owner: Lisa & Robin Moore
About Spring...

Spring has grown up, overnight so it seems! She is our “giving girl”. She loves to bring her most treasured toys and share them with the human members of the household. She is quite persistent with the sharing game and expects the recipient to do their part. Otherwise, the sharing game can’t continue and that is very disappointing for Spring. For her, the joy is in the giving and receiving. When she is satisfied with the number and quality of toys at your feet or in your lap, she is a happy camper. When Spring is a happy camper her tail wags so hard it’s a wonder she hasn’t beaten herself to death with it. She is definitely people-oriented, entirely devoted to “her people “, their happiness and their protection. Spring is right next to Hunter defending the homestead from any real or perceived intrusion but is sweet and playful with friends. Spring has a well balanced, loving temperament, correct structure and a gorgeous glossy black coat. We are very happy with our lovely girl.

Spring's Pedigree
Spring's Health Testing
"Clear by Parentage"
Elbows - OFA Normal
Hips - OFA Good
Fanta-C's Fairwind Double Dipped of Holiday
Fanta-C's Special Edition x Walkabout's Amethyst
Whelped March 26, 2010
Breeders: Karol & Kevin Holiday   Owner: Lisa Moore & Christie Waite
About Diva...

Diva is our slightly less boisterous girl, our “thinker”. Although she is energetic and athletic, she is less likely to be in the midst of mayhem. Diva prefers to sit back and watch the others get into trouble. Diva’s more calm temperament is an asset when traveling. She went to Canada with us again this year and had a happy reunion with the children she met last year. Diva is a very sweet girl, affectionate, and very intelligent. She adapts to new situations and learns new exercises quickly. Structurally, Diva is a nice size girl with a gorgeous, rich, deep chocolate coat. As she matures, I anticipate she will be an outstanding adult, a wonderful combination of brains and beauty.

Diva's Pedigree
Diva's Health Testing
"Clear by Parentage"
Fairwind's Misdemeanor
Lubberline Fanta-C Hunter x Fairwind Sunrise of Charlotte
Whelped March 14, 2010
Breeders/Owners: Lisa & Robin Moore
About Missy...

Missy is our happy girl! She has an adventurous, outgoing personality, her sire and dam’s sense of humor and their lovely structure. Like her sire, Hunter, Missy meets each new day with tail wagging and a happy grin on her face. Not yet 2 years old, Missy is an accomplished thief as well as the class clown. She likes nothing better than stealing something and waiting for you to notice. She doesn’t destroy the object, just waits patiently for you to notice she has it, then she gives it back and the game is on again! Missy has a sweet, loving temperament, adoring attention and praise. She is a people puppy, very willing to please and intelligent. Structurally, Missy is a moderate girl, well balanced and proportioned. She has a lovely soft expression and beautiful eyes. She is a lovely young girl and we couldn’t be happier with her temperament, outlook on life and structure.

Missy's Pedigree
Missy's Health Testing
"Clear by Parentage"
Health Testing
pending due to age
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