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Lubberline Fanta-C Hunter
Broadway's On The Town x Rozzay Lubberline Bodacia
Whelped February 22, 2007
Breeders: Pauline Mortier   Owner: Lisa Moore & Christie Waite
About Hunter...

As a puppy and young adult Hunter was outstanding, a true ambassador of the breed. But as he has matured, Hunter has become the most wonderful companion, protector, and friend. He has lost none of his clownish sense of humor or his love of a good romp with his girls or his “busy ball”, but he grew up while my back was turned!  He has exceeded my high expectations in every way. He is a sweet, kind boy, very intuitive and comforting if he senses upset or emotional distress, yet he is a very diligent protector of his territory.  His deep bass “woof” would make anyone think twice about entering Hunter’s space without permission.  Physically, he is a robust, structurally sound boy more than capable of running the property at full speed without a pause or dragging large logs to “help” clean up the yard. Hunter has passed these wonderful traits to his offspring. His “kids” are sweet, kind, active dogs with outstanding temperaments and beautiful structure. For Hunter, each day is an adventure that he meets with a wagging tail and a happy grin. His glass is always full.

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Fairwind's True Grit
Lubberline Fanta-C Hunter x Fairwind Sunrise of Charlotte
Whelped March 14, 2010
Breeders: Lisa & Robin Moore   Owners: Jenna Lotz & Lisa Moore
About Duke...

What can we say about the dog whose tail wags in circles all day and night?   
With two kids under the age of three and a one year old black Labrador, it seemed like the most inopportune time to bring home a puppy.  That being said, we could not ask for a better member to join our often chaotic life. 

With two young children in the house he is ready to play at the drop of
a squeaky toy, but can also slow it down at nap time.   Not only is he wonderful, gentle and patient with the children, he is a best friend to his four legged sister Josey. It is such a sight to watch them play together in the yard.   He loves to go on long runs with his owners and boy is his stride beautiful.  He is so proud on the leash and has always been a fast learner when it comes to commands.

Duke is pure joy - to see him is to love him.  He is a friend to all. We are so happy to have our handsome boy.  We are beyond grateful to Lisa and Fairwind Labradors.

~Contributed by Jenna Lotz~

Duke's Pedigree
Duke's Health Testing
"Clear by Parentage"
Health Testing
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