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Welcome to Fairwind Labradors. We are a small hobby kennel in west Central Florida close to Tampa Bay. I am a Medical Technologist for a laboratory in Tampa but prior to this, I was a Vet Tech in practice for 20 years. Critters of all kinds have been an important part of life for as long as I can remember.

Our Labradors are an integral part of our lives. They live in our house and are part of just about everything we do. Labradors are wonderful family dogs and need a close bond with their family to make them truly happy and responsive pets. In your search for a pet for yourself or family, please keep in mind that Labradors are companions first and foremost. They thrive on the attention of their people. If you do not have the time to accommodate a companion that will demand your attention for playtime, swimming, tossing the tennis ball, a long walk, or even a peaceful evening just rubbing furry ears or a belly, a Labrador is not the breed for you or your family. Labs are happy, active sporting dogs. They are always busy, preferably with their people. But if you want a loyal, beautiful, active, smart, sweet companion and have the time to devote to a true companion, a Labrador is a great match for an individual or family.

We do not breed often and great care and thought goes into each prospective litter. All of our adults are screened for OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Hips and Elbows, PRCD (progressive rod – cone disease, a type of heritable progressive blindness), and CERF (certification for other heritable eye diseases) health clearances. Our litters are bred for temperament, conformation, and type. In our breeding plans, temperament and health/conformation are the most important considerations, in that order. Our puppies are placed in carefully selected, loving homes on limited registration. You will be required to spay or neuter your puppy at the appropriate age. We will be happy to discuss any questions you have regarding spay/neuter.

We strongly recommend puppy and basic obedience classes for every puppy, whether it is one of ours or another breeders or even another breed. Not only does obedience class promote a well behaved puppy/young adult but also builds a bond with your new puppy. Most areas have an obedience club or private obedience school that offers puppy and basic obedience classes. It’s a good investment in time and effort.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Christie Waite, my dear friend, mentor and show buddy, for all of her support, encouragement, guidance and trust. As we move forward, Fairwind Labradors is so very proud to have Hunter and Diva (both co-owned with Christie) and Spring ( bred by Christie) as part of our family.

Please, feel free to email about any Labrador related questions you may have. I love talking Labs!

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